I hear a lot of Americans discuss Left and Right. Well for your consideration, check out this analysis of famous political figures of the last half century, and the other of 2008 Presidential Primary Contenders.

Firstly you’ll see a second dimension of political measure, Authoritarian v. Libertarian(neither being a political party title, but words essentially meaning “favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, esp. that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom" and "an extreme laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens” respectively(according to Apple’s dictionary widget)). 

Secondly notice how close the two large American political parties lie. And for the most part that they are both right of center. 

If you disagree, check out the source link, and read Political Compass’ analysis. Yes read. I know, scary. Also discuss it with me, I like discussion.

Take the test yourself. I want to see where other people end up. I’m near the Dalai Lama according to one of the images on their site.